Aarhus university hospital, elderly

Aarhus University Hospital- active in cross border healthcare

By: Sara Silvennoinen

Aarhus University Hospital is receiving patients across Europe on a daily basis. Patients from Sweden, Norway, Iceland, UK and Germany come to the hospital for treatment that cannot be found in their own countries.

“I think I get a couple emails a day, where people ask if we can help them” said Dilek Ergün, Team Coordinator at Aarhus University Hospital. “We have also had requests from outside the EU, such as Africa” she added.

Aarhus university hospital, elderly
Patient at Aarhus University Hospital. Photo: Sara Silvennoinen.

Sending patients abroad

Aarhus University Hospital also send their patients abroad for treatment. Sweden, Norway, the US and Italy are countries that Danish patients are frequently receiving care in.

“Perhaps there are 2 or 3 patients in Denmark with one particular rare disease that we don’t know how to treat” said Ergün. “And maybe one of our doctors have a colleague in Germany for example, and that doctor may have treated more patients with that disease, or they might have medicine that we don’t know of” she added.

The standard procedure

“Usually we get an email or a phone call from the patient or their healthcare official. I ask them to send me their medical information, so that I know which department to involve. Then I send the medical information to our doctor or physician, who evaluates if we can be of any help. ” said Ergün.

When the hospital has decided to help the patient, it’s time to deal with the practicalities such as how the patient will travel to Denmark and where his/hers family will stay.

“Finally, we give the patient a time and a date for an appointment with a doctor” said Ergün.

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