France bans all disposable plastics tableware by 2020

(Photo by Winsome Lau)
(Photo by Winsome Lau)

France becomes the first country to ban all disposable plastics tableware by 2020. And the ministers announced that 50% of the material going into plastic disposable items must be organic by 2020.

By Winsome Lau & Hyein Jeong

The measure will ban sales of single-use plastic cups, plates and glasses unless they are made of bio-sourced materials that can be composted in a domestic composting unit.

The French ministers have said that 50% and 60% of the material going into plastic disposable items such as goblets, coffee cups, plates and cutlery must be organic by 2020 and 2025 respectively.

However, there are opposite views towards the law. Some organizations such as Pack2Go, a representative of European packaging industry claimed that it violates the EU law of free movement of goods and destroys the right of manufacturers.

This law is part of the France’s Energy Transition for Green Growth Act which has been already voted and approved by the European Union last August.

By now, the French government already issued 85% of the implementing acts, for example lightweight plastic carrier bags have been banned in July 2016. The Minister for Environment, Energy and Marine Affairs recently stated that 15,000 “green” jobs have been created thanks to the Act. There are now 400 energy-plus local authorities, 153 “zero waste” local authorities and 111 pesticide-free municipalities in France.

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